Aoba is a lovely bot that loves to have fun! It is based off of the character Aoba Suzukaze from the anime New Game! Most of its commands are fun, although there are some moderation commands. Aoba also comes equiped with an RPG style game called Fairies Story (yes, from the anime). Aoba uses the prefix >, but you can customize the prefix or you can just @Aoba with a command.

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One of Aoba's unique features is Fairies Story. With this, users can create a profile using >fs start. That way, they have the option to participate in the game. Currently in Fairies Story, you can level up and obtain items by speaking and sell your items to collect FP, the form of currency in the game. With FP, you can gamble away your money using fs gamble to earn more money or you can use the Gacha Machine with fs gacha to collect more items.

Aoba also has many fun commands outside of Faries Story! It comes with many interactive commands that allow you and members of your server to enjoy yourselves!
One important command Aoba has is the music command. By doing music play, Aoba will enter the voice channel you are currently in and you can select songs by doing music play [search terms] or by giving a Youtube URL.
It has action commands such as hug, kiss, and slap and it also has a Love Calculator in the love command!. Aoba has text altering commands such as owo and crytype that converts your message into that type of text.
Although these commands may be silly, a lot of effort was put into coding each and every fun command so they are guaranteed to work.

Aoba is also useful for moderation! Although its primary purpose is not moderating, it comes with useful commands such as kick, ban, prefix, blacklist, and autorole! You can also use Aoba to check the status of your guild by using the server, channel, or role commands. You can use it to maintain your server fairly well.

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